Popfest timeline

The Hasard Ludique opens at noon, so come early to enjoy the railway view, to buy merch and to make sure everyone goes in smoothly :)

Friday, September 21

7.40 PM : venue doors open
8.10 PM : Peaness
9.20 PM : Cocoanut Groove
10.20 PM : The Orchids
11.30 PM : Popnews DJ set

Saturday, September 22

7.00 PM : venue doors open
7.20 PM : Xavier Boyer
8.20 PM : Soft Science
9.20 PM : Beach Youth
10.20 PM : Birdie
11.20 PM : Go-Kart Mozart
00.30 AM : Section 26 DJ set

Saturday, September 22 : sold out!

Dear popfriends, the Saturday is really sold out, we unfortunately don't have any ticket left. Check the facebook event... and book your ticket for the Friday!

One month left!

J-31 ! Si vous n'avez toujours pas pris vos places, dépêchez-vous: il n'en reste qu'une vingtaine pour lamedi et le vendredi part très vite. 
Rough translation: get your tickets before it's too late! ✌️

Facebook event : https://www.facebook.com/events/2246316148719439/
Tickets: https://bit.ly/2J1IeuE

Tickets are on sale!

We're glad to announce that you can now book your tickets. Please remember that there is no weekend pass.

Link : https://bit.ly/2J1IeuE
Facebook event