Popfest 2017 schedule

Papa Topo have just told us that they have to cancel the Popfest show because of current problems with Ryanair We're really sorry and disappointed.

Friday :

8.15 PM White Town

9.15 PMParenthesis...
10.15 PM The Luxembourg Signal

Saturday :
7.15 PM The Catenary Wires
8.15 PM Mehdi Zannad feat. Dorian PimpernelP
9.15 PM Michael Hiscock & friends play The Field Mice
10.15 PM Spearmint
11.30 PM Hidrogenesse DJs

Besides the saturday gig is now sold out. If you have a ticket to sell do not hesitate to leave a message here.
There still tickets available for the friday night gig. Be careful, tickets are selling fast!

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